Tokyo 2006

001-Shinjuku area

002-Shinjuku area

003-Pachinko parlor

004-Pachinko parlor

005-Shopping street

006-Shopping street

007-Typical buliding signs

008-Street food

009-Street food

010-Street food

011-Restaurant display

012-Restaurant display

013-Pastry shop display

014-Crepe restaurant display

015-Street market

016-Street market

017-Street market

018-Supermarket item

019-Vending machine

020-Vending machine

021-Vending machine

022-Vending machine

023-Vending machine

024-Copycat coffee

025-Street sculpture

026-Street sculpture

027-Street sculpture

028-Street cow

029-Clock and flaming pumpkin

030-Big clock

031-Interesting restaurant

032-Toy shop

033-Ad poster

034-Amusement park ride

035-Odd shop

036-Nigerian chicken man

037-Friendly guys at restaurant

038-Hair stylist

039-Revolving sushi bar

040-Rake sculpture

041-Toy shop display

042-Toy shop display

043-Hat shop display

044-Fan shop display

045-Sony showcase display

046-Sony showcase display

047-New York shop owned by Nigerian

048-Street artist

049-Street artist's work

050-Street musician

051-Pastry maker

052-Tourist buggy

053-Tourist buggy driver


055-Important phone call

056-Strange old lady

057-Dignified old lady

058-Bad hair dye

059-Yankee fans

060-Japanese guy playing South American music

061-Kids posing

062-Stylish kid

063-Bike race

065-Mysterious shopping bag

066-Subway sign

067-Subway sign

068-Subway station map

069-Currency museum

070-Currency museum

071-Communications museum-old switchboard display

072-Communications museum-pay phone display

073-Communications museum-phone from 1904

074-Communications museum-interesting object

075-Communications museum-replica of 19th century post office

076-Communications museum-old post box

077-Communications museum-toys used on stamps

078-Communications museum-toys used on stamps

079-Communications museum-old stamp display

080-Communications museum-old stamp display

081-Communications museum poster

082-Communications museum-'One postal money transfer, 10000 uses' poster

083-Communications museum-ad posters

084-Communications museum-post boxes for sale

085-Fish market tuna auction

086-Fish market tuna auction

087-Fish market tuna auction

088-Fish market tuna auction

089-Fish market tuna auction

090-Fish market tuna auction

091-Fish market tuna auction

092-Fish market tuna auction

093-Fish market

094-Harajuku girls

095-Harajuku girls

096-Harajuku girls

097-Harajuku girls

098-Harajuku girls

099-Harajuku girls

100-Harajuku girls

101-Harajuku girls

102-Harajuku girls

103-Harajuku girls

104-Harajuku girls

105-Harajuku girls

106-Harajuku girls

107-Harajuku girls

108-Harajuku girls

109-Harajuku girls

110-Harajuku boy

111-Harajuku girls

112-Harajuku girls

113-Harajuku girls

114-Harajuku girls

115-Harajuku girls

116-Harajuku girls

117-Harajuku girls

118-Harajuku girls

119-Harajuku girls

120-Harajuku girls

121-Harajuku girls

122-Harajuku girls

123-Harajuku girls

124-Harajuku girls

125-Harajuku girls

126-Harajuku girls

127-Harajuku girls

128-Harajuku girls

129-Harajuku girls

130-Harajuku girls

131-Harajuku girls

132-Harajuku girls

133-Harajuku girls

134-Harajuku girls

135-Harajuku boy

136-Harajuku girls

137-Harajuku girls

138-Harajuku girls

139-Harajuku girls

140-Harajuku girls

141-Harajuku girls

142-Harajuku girls

143-Harajuku girls

144-Harajuku girls

145-Harajuku girls

146-Harajuku girls

147-Harajuku girls

148-Harajuku girls

149-Harajuku girls

150-Harajuku girls

151-Harajuku girls

152-Harajuku girls

153-Harajuku girls

154-Harajuku girls

155-Harajuku girls

156-Harajuku girls

157-Harajuku girls

158-Harajuku photographer