Here are some unsolicited comments received from registered users of these programs.

PDF Converter

"The very best!"
    - S.C.; Cleveland, OH

"Works great."
    - R.D.; London, England

"Just what my students and I needed - thanks!"
    - J.H.; Williamsburg, VA

"Excellent, decided to buy after 1 day."
    - G.J.; Wichita, KS

"Very simple and friendly to use."
    - E.F.; Genoa, Italy

Power Edit

"Brilliant - all we were looking for and more."
    - A.D.; Brighton, England

"Great program and superb assistance."
    - S.C.; Portland, OR

"Does some things that no other editor does."
    - K.D.; Columbus, OH

"Very useful for block editing, line removal and other text handling features."
    - F.R.; Savannah, GA

"I love this program - it's the only one that can open my huge 40MB text files."
    - P.G.; Madrid, Spain

    - T.P.; St. Peters, MO

Super Explorer

"Best Explorer ever!"
    - M.H.; Overland Park, KS

"Clean, neat and bug-free."
    - L.L.; Chappaqua, NY

"Excellent - a huge improvement on Microsoft's Explorer."
    - J.B., Auckland, New Zealand

"Great tools - good job!"
    - D.P., Arlington, TX

"Easy to use and packed with great features."
    - G.F., Cambridge, MA

Directory Printer

"An amazing program. I love it."
    - M.J.; Oak Lawn, IL

"I'm so happy I found this program. I've been searching all over for a utility to do this."
    - C.K.; Columbus, GA

"An excellent piece of software, very well done and extremely useful."
    - D.N., Duluth, MN

"I love this program. It's amazing that Windows doesn't include this functionality."
    - L.Z., Melbourne, Australia

"Great little program. I found it really useful to make CD catalogs to put inside the jewel boxes."
    - H.S., Medford, MA

"As far as I can tell, this program is unique. It saved me hours of work."
    - B.N., Heidelberg, Germany

Directory Compare

"A very well done program."
    - C.L.; Hoquiam, WA

    - S.R.; Webster Groves, MO

"Invaluable for CD archiving."
    -W.V., Perth, Australia

"Extremely useful. Saved dozens of hours of tedious manual work."
    - J.D., Philadelphia, PA

"A real keeper. I can't imagine having done a recent project without it."
    - P.L., New Brunswick, NJ

Super Text Search

"Great program - the first shareware product I've ever decided to buy after using it only once."
    - M.C.; Sedalia, MO

"Powerful and very simple to use."
    - P.W., Chicago, IL

"A very useful and sophisticated tool."
    - J.H., Birmingham, England

"I like this program very much. Other comparable programs are much more expensive."
    - J.V.; Tuscaloosa, AL

"An excellent product that has saved me lots of time and work."
   - F.S.; Marietta, GA

"Very fast and extremely efficient. It does exactly what I want."
    - J.V.; Ridgecrest, CA